Ibiza off season: what a great idea!

Ibiza off season: what a great idea!

Suddenly it’s fall and you still happen to desire sun, waves, fresh food, bare feet and sand all over  you.

Yes, that’s exactly what happend: Ibiza arrived like a surprise and off i went for my firt time in Spain and not on its mainland but in one of the most icon islands!

So yes, it really felt unexpected  and its warmth and sun in october, came to me like a given gift from Illes de Balears.
Ibiza?! It’s wrongly known just for its parties, it has beautiful views and nature all around. The clear waters just stole my heart!

Dalt Vila –  the main and historical centre – has much more than this: it has a stunning view, beautiful architectures, strong walls and colourful doors.

The food? AMAZING!

I basically fed myself with about 4/5 tapas per meal, that’s meant as dinner because in fact, I fell in love with this very non touristy place where I kept on going back: too nice, too cheap and to  amazingly easygoing to miss it.

So if you happen to go to Ibiza, please do the very common things that every guide would suggest like eating in the town centre or where the view is definately worth the price you’d pay in 5 stars hotel, but also take time to apply filters and get deeper in the culture: Can Terra is this restaurant and tapas bar just outside the walls of Eivissa and i’d summarize it with: nice food, nice wines for less than  €10 per person and if you are looking into simple things  in life.

I did spoil myself though: i could not do without and paella was my first priority:

once again out of all the listings on the many websites for tourism tips, i simply got hand and stopped someone local: a police man!

That’s typically me and that might sound just as silly as it is, but out of all the ratings, the stars, the reviews, i happen to get so confused and lost with my own thoughts that I end up not choosing which lead into not eating. So yes I asked and there was nothing better i could do as it ended up super-duperly!

Take this down on your list as it’s The experience: Restaurante Grill d’En Bossa Casa Manol, it’s in Playa d’En Bossa of course and it’s literally 5 metres away from the beach. Paella is divine, sangria tastes generous and the final chupito makes you feel in heaven. Prices are from €19.00 per person, sounds fair!

So yes Ibiza, i did love you, i did indeed and I got no need to apologise. You are beautiful and you know it!

Ses Salines

No more apologies for having thought that it was just for fun and nightlife lovers. That’s not me: I’m more into walking, laughing, copas y tapas, more laughters and more if possible.

I’m more into driving somewhere just to see beauty then off somewhere else for more views.
I’m more into reading or laying down on the beach for a nap, I’m pretty much more into long silences and then again millions of words.

Handy tips:

Fly out of season with a low cost company (Ryanair flies to Ibiza from Milan and Rome)

Rent a car and travel around: 5 days would cost you about €70

Find hotel deals: check out Playa Sol Ibiza Hotels in Platja d’en Bossa – The New Algarb

View: Dalt Villa is a great view point to observe the city from up top, also do not miss the sunset from the rocky spot just next to Cafè del Mar in Sant’Antoni de Portmany; Sant’Eularia des Riu is a rather pretty town, very tidy and definately for families: so yes, if you pick it that’s because you either choose “for families” or you are little tiny bit like me and your sight needs tidiness.

Cafe del Mar – Sant’Antoni de Portmany

Beaches: oh baby you don’t wana miss the clear waters in Ibiza when, in October, everywhere in Europe is a combo deal between scarves and gloves! I honestly haven’t seen – of course not – all of them but i can tell you that these two are to be mentioned:

cala compte ibiza

Ses Salines is the place not to be missed, it’s nature, it’s free (where free also means naturist) and it’s very private; Cala Compte is magic, red rocks and crystal clear waters. These two palces are indeed very different, one very secluded the other very much family orientated and with definately more services. You choose what’s more suitable!

By the way, my travel companion was Elisa, friend and travel blogger, founder of TripVillage.it: check her italian post about Ibiza and travel with and like us!