Exploring Reykjavík and surroundings

Exploring Reykjavík and surroundings


I met Sandra Karlsdóttir – brilliant photographer based in the Reykjavík area – in Holland not long ago and totally fell in love with her: trips, Iceland, photography, so little time yet some many things in common. On our last day we spent as much time as possible together and finally ended up at FOAM, the Museum of Photography in Amsterdam: it was good, it was damn good!

We then packed up our stuff and went separate ways.

But life – you know – is weird and plays tricks: so Sandra kept on being part of my life since then and now.. she “lands” on the blog, so we can be closer.


Here is her page on:

What to do on a 24 hr stop over in Reykjavík

Day trips… oh how I love day trips… packing a lunch and driving a few hours out of the stress of the city, visiting a swimming pool or just sitting down somewhere new to knit or read a book is the best part of my self care routine.  There’s something nourishing about a change of scenery, fresh air and the new sounds of a new place (or an old familiar place I haven’t visited in a while).

I am lucky to have the flexibility of making my own work schedule in the autumn and this past school year I made sure to have every Thursday off from work to make room for short trips, meeting with friends, photography or binging on Netflix (on winter days when the weather was awful).  My short Thursday trips were the key to keeping the blues away this past winter and getting me through the long dark nights of the Icelandic winter.

Now that summer is here and the days are longer, I still feel the need to go on my little trips and love staying out even longer into the evening or leaving later in the day.

Last week I went on an evening trip to Kleifarvatn, down south from Reyk , which has been one of my favorite places to visit for years.  It’s only a 20-minute drive from my home in Hafnarfjörður and the nature is magnificent.  There are so many different sides to the Krýsuvík area, the beautiful lakes and the black sand, the geothermal springs, the lava everywhere and the gorgeous yellow, red and green hues of the soil.  Usually it’s not very crowded so it was easy for me to find a spot to spend some time alone appreciating the nature, chatting with my dog and listening to the birds.

If you have a 24-hour stopover in Reykjavík, I recommend driving this scenic route on your way to the Blue Lagoon… I promise you won’t be disappointed.

So if you are curious to travel to Iceland and want to meet up in the Land of Ice and Fire, check my next departure and the itinerary set fron the 20th September!