Solo traveling: 10 reasons why i travel alone

Solo traveling: 10 reasons why i travel alone

“I tell a little bit of my life to them, and they tell a little of theirs to me. The picture itself is just the tip of the iceberg. – Salgado

The trip itself is the tip of my iceberg: it is genuinely my cure, it’s my solution to daily traps and it’s what i have always been doing.

It’s my nature.

If you ask yourself why solo travelers don’t feel lonely, here i have for you some of my answers.

1. I feel free: yes i do! From the very beginning, from the minute i start planning my trip, i set the rules: dates, timing, destination.. It’s all about what i feel i should do and what is best for me.

Imani Clovis credits

Imani Clovis credits

2. I love walking: there is nothing worse then getting to the place you have chosen as your destination and feeling trapped with someone who doesn’t like walking. Taking transports is handy and quick, that is for sure, but walking places is the key to find spots you would never see taking trains, buses or tubes. Getting lost is the best way to find treasures!

Alexander Pidgeon

3. I set the budget: that is my rule, for everything. Budget is my Bible when traveling: i don’t look for fancy places to eat or hotels. I usually like booking female dormitory in hostels or rooms in apartments. This gives me more freedom for meals too: all hostels as much as apartments have a kitchen to share where i cook my own meals or keep my milk, water or juices in the fridge. This allows me to save up on drinks and smunchy snacks.

4. I set the menu: i eat and stops for meals at my own time and usually only for lunch! Sometimes i eat as i keep on walking or i stop off at parks where i can sit for free. Coffee stops are allowed in my schedule mainly if i need wifi!

5. I eat alone and i have no “L” on my forehead: i have heard countless times people asking themselves why people eat alone, as it seems like it is a sign of goofyness when sitting at the table. No man, it’s a moment to relax, to just do what you are meant to be doing: eating! It’s a way to rest your legs after having walked for however many hours and yes, you can answer your messages without feeling rushed or inappropriate because you are on your phone while at the table. I also take this time to simply rest my brain and look at whoever is sitting around me.

6. I speak to strangers without fears as i know how to take care of myself. I still trust the humankind and i like asking tips and directions to locals. Hostels are also a perfect place to sit with strangers and just …speak to them! I have recently been to Lisbon and found myself in a ball pit for adults: three seconds after this voice comes up” Wanna fight?!”. Isn’t that amazingly friendly?

7. I set the alarm clock or i don’t but that is up to me. Depending on my travel schedule i decide at my own pace if having early starts or not. I usally do though as i love taking photo with the morning light.

8. I share accommodation without worrying and i have no problems to share my bathroom. That’s part of the hostel life style: quick showers, quick mirros sessions, quick everything! This is something that have learned at boarding school and still haven’t developped the “fussy” side of me when speaking about sharing. I travel very light and always have my padlock with me so i can lock my stuff safely.

Evan Kirby

Evan Kirby

9. I set the itinerary by the day although i am a last minute person, i like to have clear in mind what i have to do and see, and i love having my map with a rough itinerary set for each day that i spend away. I usually tend on overdoing and allow myself quick stops. My four and not to be missed places in each city i visit are: the public library, the botanical gardens, modern art museums and markets!

Pablo Garcia Saldaña

10. I save up money as i have have my standards in terms of quality and price: clean, central, neat, essential, fresh, these are my keywords when i choose my accommodation and my food. These are my general rules, in life and when traveling. I don’t look for excess and i don’t see  it as an investment.

I live life with lightness, my priorities are hardly ever expensive!

Traveling solo is a way to weave nets and fix in my heart and in my mind, names and faces which i will then link to the places I visit!

If you need more tips and wana find the right accommodation for your solo traveling experience, check out the Solo Traveler Acommodation Guide by Janice Leith Waugh

Photo cover credits: Priscilla Westra / Unsplash