Marche Tourism: Let's discover Sibillini MountsMarche Turismo: Scoprire i Monti Sibillini

Marche Tourism: Let’s discover Sibillini MountsMarche Turismo: Scoprire i Monti Sibillini

The Sibillini mountains based in the Marche region of Italy are home to a lot of wonders.
A few weeks ago i was one of twelve bloggers to be invited to live, experience and discover the #sibillinisegreti. Literally this means the Sibillini secrets…
sibillini segreti
Bam!!! There i was witnessing what was going to be home for a few days. Immense, thick vegetation and sceneries of green welcome you as you get to the foot of the Sibillini mounts. A feeling that, all that awaited from that point onward was somewhat untarnished, untouched and not forged by man. That moment just invited you to switch off your city lights and enjoy what nature had to offer.
ph. Luca Terence Tombesi

ph. Luca Terence Tombesi

We soared up high through the Sibillini mountains in our reach for Montemonaco. Here we visited a museum that boasts photos and multimedia sounds and effects that bring the visitor closer to the feeling of the Sibillini. We heard myths of a human load pulled by raging buffalos. They ran far out through the sibillini mountains pulling the body of Ponzio Pilato(condemned to death) till they reached the end of the Cliff only to fall into the lake that then became known as the Lago di Pilato.
We were also told facts about what we had there standing in front of us. A piece of rock with three names engraved into it with the utmost precision. This rock (that is thought to be from the 1300’s) was found only thanks to or unfortunately because the lake dried out in 1975.
photo (9)
This very lake is also home to the almost extinct Chirocefalo del Marchesoni which is a very small redish/orange shellfish that is about 9 millimeters in size and only found in the Sibillini mountains.
Museo della Sibilla - crostaceo
These mounts that boasted a height of 2476m over sea level have now shrunk to about 2173m over sea level. The most “representative” illustration of the Sibillini mountains is that by Antoine de la Salle that gives off a romantic image of a valley embraced by the mountains.
Antoine de la Salle
This is only a small introduction of what there is to find out about these mountains.
foggy rain in the Sibillini MountsThe greatest Secret I found through this experience are the inhabitants of the Sibillini. Warm hearted and seem to all have a story to tell about the place they live in. I was introduced to a different kind of tourism, going through the drizzling rain on a foggy day accompanied by a dog looking for truffles.

truffle hunting Sibillini SegretiExperiencing the Sibillini on donkey hide or by foot is another unique way they will show you around. They respect their surroundings and you witness this through all the wild animals you see that stray around not so far from the inhabited areas. Workshops and lessons on handmade paper, homemade wine, soapmaking, tea blending and knowing the different kinds of herbs the mountain has to offer.

So as said, the inhabitants of these magical mountains are the greatest secret I found because they live in harmony with their surroundings and this is the foundation to a mountain experience that will leave you breathless. Stories can be read about the history and the facts of all these wonders that you can find here but the stories about the people that preserve them and reveal them to you are a few.
 The Sibillini have a lot of secrets to be unrevealed and a lot of ways to go about revealing them.

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